NYU Launches Psychedelic Training Program

MindMed is partnering with the New York University’s Langone Medical Centre to create a training program for psychedelic therapies and medicines. The training centre is the first step in plans to launch a Center for Psychedelic Medicine at NYU Langone Health. MindMed has committed $5 million over five years to the program. 


MindMed and NYU have a long standing relationship, dating back to the 2009 development of the 18-MC molecule, a key pillar in the company’s drug development pipeline, which was developed with the Department of Psychiatry at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. 

Program Plans

The program intends to recruit and train clinical investigators and psychiatrists who will develop training “capable of scaling and optimizing the delivery of psychedelic assisted therapies and psychedelic inspired medicines to millions of patients across the United States.” The initial focus will be on substance abuse disorders. 

Path Ahead

  • The training of psychiatrists at scale to administer psychedelic therapy is necessary in order to ensure access once these substances receive approvals. 
  • The establishment of the Center for Psychedelic Medicine is subject to additional funding. 

Major Paper Opposes Oregon Legalization

A week after being publicly opposed by would be ally Decrimnalize Nature, proponents of Measure 109, which would legalize psilocybin therapy in the state are facing another blow. The Editorial Board of the Oregon Times is encouraging voters to vote against the measure, calling it “ill-timed.” 

The Editorial Board argues:

  • The state should wait until psilocybin receives FDA approval, instead of “jumping ahead of the science.”
  • Developing a framework for psilocybin therapy shouldn’t be a priority of the Oregon Health Authority, especially in the middle of a pandemic. 
  • They agree with the Oregon Psychiatric Physicians Association, who has also come out against the measure, who warn that psilocybin administered under this regime would “risk interfering with a client’s prescribed medications or making mental health conditions worse.” 

Outlook: It’s a toss-up in Oregon! 

DC Dems Back Decrim

The Democratic Party of DC voted 23-10 to endorse Initiative 81 which would decriminalize naturally occurring psychedelics in the district. The party voted in favour of supporting the initiative after a presentation from the Chief Petitioner and vigorous internal debate. 

Supporters of DC decrim embraced the establishment endorsement, thanking the Dems for “standing up for residents across DC who currently fear arrest or investigation for using plant medicines that can help treat depression, anxiety and addiction.” 

Outlook: Polling shows 3 out of 5 DC voters support decriminalization, the Initiative is likely to pass.

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